History and Mission Statement

The Pine Manor Improvement Association is a private non-profit agency that provides services to children and families that are at risk in the Pine Manor area of Fort Myers. We have been active in the community for 24 years and have been designated as a 501(c)3 for over ten years.  Pine Manor is one of five neighborhoods designated by the Lee County Board of Commissioners as “blighted” and in need of direct social service delivery.  Our organization serves almost 1,500 unduplicated clients each month, with 55% of those served being children between the ages of 0 -18.  We are a neighborhood where 28% of the population is foreign-born, almost all of those from Latin America, and where 84% of the population rents rather than owns their place of residence. Many of these families do not speak English. Most of them live in poverty.

Our mission is to improve the neighborhood by developing effective, cost efficient, holistic neighborhood revitalization strategies designed to provide decent, affordable housing, suitable living environments and expand economic opportunities to our residents. We have a proven track record for meeting project objectives and have worked with Lee County Board of Commissioners to develop and work toward projects which:

  • Empower the communities to promote safe, viable neighborhoods
  • Provide decent housing
  • Encourage economic opportunities